Yes. Neuropathy Can Be Reversed !!!

“I’m sorry. There’s nothing more we can do.”

If you’ve been living with the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy for more than a little while, you may have grown to hate these words.

You may have heard them over and over, from a specialist after specialist, alongside the same tired advice.

Take your medications.

Do your exercises.

Peripheral neuropathy cannot be reversed.

Meanwhile, your symptoms have probably slowly and steadily gotten worse over the past months and years. Your life is being taken away piece by piece. Maybe you can’t drive anymore. Maybe you had to cancel the yearly hiking trip. Maybe you’re always tired because the pain keeps you up at night.

Is there really nothing more that can be done? Just more EMGs, more nerve testing, more medications with nothing to show for it?

Is this all there is to look forward to?

No. Not anymore. The future is a lot brighter—and it’s happening right now, right here with Dr. Kane

Neuropathy can be reversed. And the sooner you seek our help, the better your odds.

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